FAQ | Mezome


1) General
How does this website work?
Mezome is a social exchanging website where you earn points by browsing websites, watching Youtube views, following people via Twitter and much more. You can then spend those points to get yourself some likes, views and followers on all of the main social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram!

Is this service free?
This service is 100% free! No downloads or credit cards required!

Is this service safe?
We never ask for your password nor do you break any ToS by using our service which means that this is 100% safe to use!

Can I have multiple accounts?
No, We only allow 1 accounts/IP.

Can I use proxies to access this website?
Yes you can but it is not recommended since the system will most likely ban you due to multiple accounts using the same IP.
2) Pages
How do I add a page?
A Page can be added via the Add Page button which is located in the left sidebar menu. You will thereafter be required to select which type of page you want to add by clicking on the the drop-down menu that is being shown.

Can I delete a page?
Once a page is added to our system it cannot be deleted. You can however disable it by going to "My Pages > Edit" and then setting the status to "Disabled".
3) Points
What are points?
Points is the main currency on our website that can be spend on all of our services such as Facebook likes, Youtube subsribers, Twitter followers and Instagram followers.

How do I get points?
You can get points by clicking on any of the sections under the "Earn Points" tab and following instructions that are being given on respective section page.

Can I buy points?
Yes you can! Points can be bought via the Buy Points button in the menu.

How do I use my points?
You use your points by adding a page via the Add Page button in the left sidebar menu. You will lose X amount of points each time someone clicks on your page, such as liking your Facebook fanpage.

What is CPC?
CPC stands for "Cost per click" which stands for how many points you will be giving away each time someone clicks on your page.

Can I exchange my points into money?
This feature was removed which means that you cannot exchange points into money any longer.
4) Money
What is money used for?
Money is the second currency that we use on this website that can be used to buy points or VIP time.

How do I add money?
You can add money by clicking on the Add Funds button in the menu.

How do I spend money?
There are 2 different ways to spend money. One is buying points via the Buy Points button and the second way is buying VIP time via the Buy VIP button in the menu.

Can I withdraw money to my Paypal account?
No, This feature was removed which means that you cannot withdraw money to your Paypal account any longer.
5) VIP
What is VIP?
VIP is account status that got multiple exclusive features, a full list of those features can be found here.

How do I get VIP?
VIP can be purchased by clicking on the Buy VIP button in the menu or by having 50 exchanges on different services, more info can be found here.

Can I buy VIP?
VIP can be purchased by clicking on the Buy VIP button in the menu.
6) Affiliates
How does the affiliate system work?
Each time someone registers using your referral link you get a small commission that is added to your account.'

How much can I earn from the affiliate system?
We give you 300 points for each member that signs up using your referral link!

What is a referral?
A referral is a person that registered on our website via your referral link.

Where can I find my referral link?
Your referral link can be found here.

Where can I see my referrals?
You can see all of your referrals here.

Why didn't I receive commission for my referral?
Referral must be active (have 300 exchanges on our website) before the commission is added to your account.
7) Other
This FAQ page was useless and my question wasn't answered, what do I do?
Feel free to send us an email here!

I have a suggestion, what do I do?
We would love to hear your suggestions! Feel free to send us an email here.

I need to get in touch with the staff, what do I do?
You can get in touch with a staff member via the Contact page or here.