1) What is Mezo.me ?
Mezo.me is a FREE Social Exchange System that will increase your sites traffic and social media popularity. We can get your website or small business noticed fast! With Mezo.me you will get REAL Twitter Followers, get REAL Facebook Likes, REAL Youtube Views, REAL Soundcloud Followers, REAL Google Plus Ones and REAL Website Hits for FREE!

With Mezo.me you can pick and choose who to follow, like, subscribe and visit
2) What are "Coins" ?
This exchange system uses "Coins" from your balance to place a value on your site or video. You can buy or earn "Coins" !

For example: you have a Facebook page that you would like to promote to get more fans, so you set your page to give 5 "Coins" for any person who becomes a fan, every-time one of our users become your fan, 5 "Coins" will be deducted from your Coin balance. In other words, if you have 5000 "Coins" in your account and you set to give 5 "Coins" for each Like, View or Follow, you will get 1000 fans automatically.
3) What can I do with "Coins"?
You can grow and promote your social media networks, get more traffic, get youtube views, more targeted fans and followers.
4) How I can earn "Coins" on Mezo.me?
You will earn "Coins" for every exchange, view, like or follow from you, to our users.
5) Can I buy "Coins" on Mezo.me?
Yes, you can buy "Coins". Click on "Buy "Coins" on sidebar, for more info.
6) Do you Auto-Post Status Updates without my permission?
No, Mezo.me never auto-post anything from your accounts on any site or service.
7) Do you sell Followers, Likes, Friends, Subscribers or Hits?
No, we don't sell Followers, Likes, Friends, Subscribers or Hits.
8) Do you force my accounts to Like?
No. At Mezo.me, we believe that you should be in control!
9) Why am I getting an error message when I try to follow members on Twitter?
In order to follow other Twitter users, you must ensure that you have updated your Twitter information by clicking the "Social Accounts" link, on the left sidebar.
10) Why have i received only 50 or less likes,followers,google plus ones, ect.. in 2-3 days?
Check to see what you set your CPC ("Coins" per click) at, if you set your cpc to say 2 cpc, your site will be liked last on the list of our network sites that are growing everyday. Also members are not forced into liking, following, viewing...ect. Many members will skip you if your content is not relevant or spammy/scammy..etc
11) What is affiliates?
Our referral system works when you take your referral link and posting it on blog/websites/social networks/ect...

-For each user that signs up to Mezo.me from your Referral Link or banner you will get 50 "Coins" + 1% of the referrals "Coins", (every 1000 "Coins" your referral earns, you will get 10 "Coins" bonus for life!)
12) What websites are NOT allowed on Mezo.me ?
We do not allow Adult, gambling, Hacks, Racism or Hate or any websites that promote similar advertising services. Please be aware if you are found adding such sites you will be banned without warning.
13) What can I do to ensure I am never banned from Mezo.me?
Don't Aggressively Unfollow/Unlike, Don't Spam Profiles/Pages, Don't Create Multiple Accounts, Don't Use Bots/Macros/Scripts, Don't Report Clean Websites and Don't Buy or Sell Accounts. Anyone found to be breaking any of these rules will be permanently Banned from Mezo.me
14) If you have any questions
Feel free to contact us at : Info@mezo.me